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Re: US Congress already discussing bans on strong crypto (fwd)

Luke Bakken (luke_bakken_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_com) wrote:
>> What can the US government do? Attack Afghanistan, Lybia, Syria,
>> Iraq and every ugly-looking Arab country until they are satisfied?
>> How many MILLIONS of terrorists would that create?

> well, the UN is already "attacking" Iraq with it's sanctions that
> were supposedly put in place to drive out Hussein, but have instead
> resulted in the starvation of thousands of children.  I wouldn't
> doubt that that was the real intent of the sanctions - to weaken the
> populace of Iraq permanently.

Do you know what they did to Germany after the unconditional surrender
after WW-I. They had to pay 22 billion gold marks. Thats is something
like 2200 billion dollars today. Just to make sure they couldn't build
up an army. Boy did that help.

Cya, Han.