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Re: US Congress already discussing bans on strong crypto (fwd)

On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 07:18:21PM +1000, Darren Reed wrote:
> Maybe I didn't emphasise the word GLOBAL enough.
> He's not lobyying for just the American government to ban strong crypto but
> saying governments around the world should ban crypto that they do not have
> keys to.  All of the governments, not just America.  So that having OpenBSD
> come from Canada will make no difference because crypto without backdoors
> will be banned there too.

Well, fortunately the rest of the free world usually doesnt blindly follow what U.S senators propose, especially not when they propose at a time like this.
Plus, what countries does he mean? All countries? Including Afghanistan? Does he really want them to be able to decrypt messages from U.S citizens? Or maybe he want only the U.S government to be allowed to decrypt data from anyone, anywhere in the world.

> Let me rephrase what is being said like this:
> That Senator is proposing all encryption back-door'd so that either the
> people who don't use it can be arrested (why are you trying to hide?) or
> they can monitor all conversations of suspects and prevent things like the
> WTC attack from happening.

The keyword is "proposing", methinks. Correct me if i'm wrong but U.S senators propose a helluva lot of things, most if wich doesnt go thru.


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