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Adaptec 62044 4 Port Nic Unsupported?

Has _anyone_ got one of these to work on 2.9? I've tried two different 
motherboards and I can't get it to show up in either.

First board was an Asus P599-VM and my original email to the list is here:

I tried to install on an Intel CA810E last night as well and that didn't 
work either. I couldn't even get the card to show up in dmesg on the Intel 
board. It certainly wasn't showing up on install either.

I know the nic's good because I've tested it on a Win98 box and it works 

I don't have a dmesg for the CA810E because I grabbed the wrong floppy on 
the way out the door this morning. I'll post a follow up message with the
dmesg either tonight or tomorrow morning. Right now I'm just wondering if 
anyone hasn't gotten one of these to work and if so, which motherboard? Can
anyone recommend any other 4 port nics? I'm trying to build a firewall in a
1U box and unless I go with an onboard nic and a dual port intel, I need to 
use a 4 port card.

Jason Stout