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Re: Dumb Question

Richard Ibbotson (richard_(_at_)_sheflug_(_dot_)_co_(_dot_)_uk) wrote:

Well that is a pretty dumb question ;)

[snip: looking for cd device]
> is there a command that will allow me to search for drives ?  

Eh no. But there is a list in /dev/MAKEDEV

> I've done 'ls /dev' and a large pile of text falls down the screen
> so that I can't read most of it.

ls /dev/cd*
ls /dev | grep cd

For the scrolling: ctrl-q and ctrl-s

Anyway the question is not dumb. And if you are still wondering how to
ask a question in an interesting way. Eric Raymond has written a nice
article about how to ask questions.

Cya, Han.

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