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The PPP Code.


I am trying to port the PPP stack to a OS called eCos. 
Right now I am trying to understand the code in if_ppp, ppp_tty, tty.

I was wondering if someone could help me with were the "pakets" are
enough to be sent on a tty or serial device so that a "general" PPP
connection can be made.

At first I thought that I could wright to my serial device from the end of
pppoutput in if_ppp.c. But looking at the code a lot of things are done in
pppasyncstart in ppp_tty.c. I have even been looking even further down and I
cant really see where the PPP stuff is done and where the tty stuff begins.
Can I take the packets from the t_outq in the tty struct and transmitt them?

PS: 	Thank you Theo de Raadt for your previous answer.
	Jack Woehr: of course I have been checking the eCos mailing list for
a PPP to eCos. 
	I have even been in contact with Red Hat, the people who handle