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cfs errors after upgrade


I recently brought my machine up to version (with a recent snapshot from
2.8) and discovered something wonky.  I use cfsd for an encrypted
directory, and something broke in the update.

I do a:

# cattach secret_stuff hold_it_here

that creates a /crypt/hold_it_here that I can cd and ls.  But, upon
visiting that directory, I can't actually /read/ anything.  The
directory structure seems fine.  The file lengths look right.  But
nothing can look inside these cooky little files.

# <file.txt
read error (press RETURN)
# cp file.txt ~
cp: file.txt: Invalid argument

I rebuilt cfs when I upgraded (as it requires a newer library), but did
nothing else.  The cfs I upgrade to was the same version (1.3.3) as the
one that I was using.

Any ideas?

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