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Mount problem using booteasy


Wd0 (with bootinst/booteasy): Win95, 1 GB (disklabel says wd0i)
Wd1: OpenBSD 2.9-stable, 1.5 GB 

I can beautifully boot into 2.9 by hitting F5 during boot (as prompted
by booteasy).

Unfortunately, when I try to mount the Win95 drive with either
A) "mount -t msdos /dev/wd0i /mnt", or
B) "mount_msdos -l /dev/wd0i /mnt"
the box dies. No debug messages, it just stops responding to key inputs.
I can still switch virtual terminals, and the cursor does a CR/LF on the
enter key, but nothing else happens. 

Any idea? I theorize that OpenBSD get confused by booteasy's boot from
the 2nd hard drive...? Anyone?