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Re: OpenBSD behavior when duplicate IP address is enabled

On Thu, 6 Sep 2001 13:07:04 -0700, you wrote:

>On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 11:47:44AM -0700, Brian W. Antoine wrote:
>>   Ahem, I happen to work for one of the firms Cisco is suing because
>> we implemented VRRP in a switch I work on.  I have trouble believing
>> this statement based on what I've personally seen.
>>   Like any other company, I expect Cisco to do whatever it takes to
>> make money, while making the occasional effort at public relations.
>> When the later conflicts with their bottom line though, expect the
>> worst.
>In short, to summarize critical points and terminate this thread:
>- Every corporate laywer I encountered always played nice, returned calls,
>  and loved to say "We are not in the business of suing people..." One staffed
>  in-house lawyer means many external in-the-money attorneys.
>- Nice individuals dont matter in legal issues.  The mechanism does, which
>  includes, but not limited to, copyright laws, patent laws, trademark, etc.
>- The difference between average commercial potatos and openbsd in regards
>  to legal patent troubles is that commercial potatos are meant to be kept
>  to fend off anti-trust mechanism but they have to pay biggies to stay
>  afloat, whereas OpenBSD is simply targeted to be shut down, rather than
>  Theo's still dead-handed house, because it annoys many commercial entities,
>  some governments, and tons of individuals some of who also lurk here.
>As OpenBSD grows in momentum, it will surely attracts more and more 
>"attention". It's good these topics appeared.
>I hope some people here excuse my being selfish.

I appreciate the insights and experience you've _shared_ with us, so
you don't seem selfish at all. ;-)


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