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3c509 gets two iface names

I keep getting two interface name designations
whenever I do an OpenBSD installation with a 3com
3c509 nic in it.  I have the machine's bios set to
PNP, and the 3com cards are set to PNP.

The only solution I have been able to effect, is to
use 3com's configuration utility and disable PNP.  The
result is sometimes ep0 by itself and other times it
is ep1 by itself.  They each seem to work, but I am a
little confused about how this works.  I assumed that
since OpenBSD is PNP aware, and the nics are PNP,
there would be no problem.  I've used other PNP cards,
in fact with no problems.

Can anyone shed any light?  I have a slew of 3c509s
and old machines that I'm trying to set up as a little
lab for learning about networking.

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