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RE: HP pavillion n5470 success stories?

Hello Chris!

I have a Toshiba 4600 (PIII-700 with Cyberblade XP 16M) that I am
running FreeBSD and XFree86 4.1.0.

Now is probably an excellent time to say.. I hate this video adaptor.


I have been told that it won't work with any less version of XF
than 4.1.0.. but I wouldn't stake my life on it.

** PLEASE NOTE ** The following statements relate to a FreeBSD
installation of XFree86 4.1.0 from the FreeBSD ports..
hopefully my experiences can assist the usage of OpenBSD on
the machine in question.

It requires much "mucking around" (not first choice of words) but
the main things that you need to know are:
	1. The Trident CyberBlade XP driver does not work on my
		machine. I take it with the difficulties that you
		are experiencing that this is true of your HP as

	ANSWER: Do not select a video card and use the VESA driver.

	2. XFree86 graphical configuration (in my case) did not work
		properly - it drew up the icons without text, then
		cleared the screen and stayed that way.

	ANSWER: Use XF86cfg with the -textmode option if this happens
		to you as well.

	3. XF86cfg in text mode keeps core dumping!

	ANSWER: Every time you seem to get somewhere, burn a copy of
		the config file to something that will last.. i.e.
		home directory, CD-R, DLT, bubble memory, wall, etc..
		..and don't make too many changes at once!

	4. Sometimes, XF86cfg appears to create the config file with
		the wrong name.

		Huh? (For those who are wondering, I don't pretend to
		understand what happens here. Maybe I am an idiot.
		Maybe not.)

	ANSWER: I have had no luck using XF86Config as a file name and
		always change it to XF86Config-4. Once this is done,
		XF86cfg uses this file (until it trashes it when it core

	5. It doesn't matter what size video memory I tell it I have,
		it always says something different when XFree86 is

		(Another one of those questions I don't quite understand
		why it happens..)

		I presume that XFree86 people don't trust users or something.
		If you have a look in the XF86Config-4 file, you will more
		than likely find that the amount of memory you have entered
		has been commented out.

	ANSWER: Remove the hash/comment from the memory size line.

	6. I want 24/32bit colour right _now_!

		Tough. I am only using 16 bit myself, and of the two other
		T4600 machines that we have, (One running FreeBSD, the other
		RedHat 7.1) both of those are stuck in 16 bit land as well.
		Another one of those screwy things.

	ANSWER: Buy another laptop.

	7. Say.. this graphics accelerator sure is slow.

		Ahh.. it's using a VESA driver which probably doesn't
		understand acceleration capabilities.

	ANSWER: Buy another laptop.

I hope this helps.

If you want to look at my XF86config-4 file, please e-mail me.
Note that it may take a few days for me to get back to you.

Kind regards,

Gavin Bates.

P.S. You can't play Quake3 on it either.

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i'm looking at getting an n5470 notebook: 1GHz athlon,  256MBmem, 20GB
disk, cyberblade xp w/8m, 3com network. (sorry i don't have a dmesg
available. ;)

i've checked xfree86.org, and the video appears to be supported.
searching openbsd-mobile and openbsd-misc, i did not find any hits for
"n5470". hits for "pavillion" seem to refer only to desktop units.
this device does not appear on the laptop pages at monkey.org or
openbsd.org. i have booted other pavillion laptops with openbsd, thus
this it seems likely that this one will work too. anyone using
openbsd on it right now?


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