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Re: Why were all DJB's ports removed? No more qmail?

On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 01:46:17AM -0500, Jeff Bachtel wrote:
> Lars, if you know DJB's net.personality at all, you know he _always_
> says precisely what he means. If for no other reason than the long
> memory of Google's cache, which he is quick to use against other
> people.

Ok, so maybe he does :P
Still, why would he use OpenBSD and link to it if he thinks it's a load of crap made by incompetent monkeys (or some such)?
We all know Dan's serious about security so woulnd't it be a bit strange if he used an OS he thought was crap?
At any rate, his, Theo's and anyone else's opinions, personality, personal hygiene or what not hasn't really gotten anything to do with the quality of their software.
Wich I think was my point.
A point that has very little to do with this thread.
A boring thread at that.
Oh well, such is life.


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