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panic: trap from apm0 in DECpc LPv+ 486DX2


I inherited (well, garbage picked) a pile of DECpc LPv+ 486DX2 66
machines.  My intent is to use them as NAT machines creating DMZs
between small non-routable LANs and the Internet.

I got the first machine working and loaded OpenBSD 2.9 with no problems,
booting from floppy.

The next two machines, however, crashed during the APM probe of the boot
and couldn't be loaded.

All BIOS settings, motherboard jumpers, floppy and CD were the same for
all three machines.

The only difference I can find is that the DEC BIOS version on the
working machine is 1.05 while it is only version 1.00 on both of the
crashing machines.

Needless to say, there are no BIOS upgrades available from the
Digital(Compaq) site.  I was grateful that they still had the
maintenance manual available online.

I checked the man pages, but didn't see any way to tell the boot loader
to skip the APM probe.

The following is the text left on the screen, transcribed by hand so
there could be a typo or two :-).

Any suggestions or help would be greatfully appreciated.

cpu0: Intel 486DX2 ("GenuineIntel" 486-class)
cpu0: FPU, V86
real mem = 16363520 (15980K)
avail mem = 11726848 (11452K)
using 225 buffers containing 921600 bytes (900K) of memory
mainbus0 (root)
bios0 at mainbus0: AT/286+(dc) BIOS, date 02/28/93
amp0 at bios0fatal page fault in supervisor mode
trap type 6 code 7c480000 eip 51c6 cs 6f8c0038 eflags 10002 cr2 7c2c cpl
panic: trap

The operating system has halted.
Please press any key to reboot.

Thanks much,
Bob Washburne

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