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Re: Help with ND5020 (NE2000 combatable) NIC.

>However, it sounds like you are on the right track -- the problem is
>card configuration, and more than that, it is you aren't set to the
>proper IRQ.  Most likely your card is at a factory default position of
>300/3, OpenBSD sees the 300, and assumes IRQ 10.
>You need to use that configuration program.  You need to use DOS.  No
>good way around it (unless your card has jumpers)
>IF you really have no access to a DOS boot disk or a Win9x boot disk,
>you can use FreeDOS or Caldera's DR-DOS (which I believe is available
>for free (no charge) use, though last time I looked I couldn't find
>it).  Or borrow someone's DOS/Win9x boot disk.  You don't need to
>install anything on your computer -- just enough to boot, switch
>floppies, run the config program.

Thanks.  Actually the IRQ was at 2 or 9, as I found out when FreeDOS got
me into the config utility.  I switched the port to 240, everything
works. :)

Thanks all!

Daniel T. Staal


There is no limit to the good a person can do, if he does not care who
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