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Re: IDE vs SCSI performance

On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 02:27:45PM +0200, Alex de Joode wrote:
> Anyone here using IDE drives for a OBSD server ? I'm quite happely
> using SCSI right now. However as a new 19" IDE machine is approx 50%
> cheaper than an SCSI machine, I would like to know if IDE makes sense
> now. (Is Concatenated Disk Driver stable/helpfull).

It heavily depends on the server type. For a typical, even heavy loaded
webserver it makes much sense as disk I/O is no issue there. For loaded
mailservers a seperate _very_ fast disk (15k RPM SCSI) for the queue makes
really sense. If you have more than one disk and disk I/O is an issue SCSI
makes sense, otherwise not.

You may wan't to have a look at http://misc.bsws.de/obsdtuning/webserver.txt.

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