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Re: Mutt

Dion E Viglione (dionv_(_at_)_spots_(_dot_)_ab_(_dot_)_ca) wrote:

First off all this is rather off topic on this list.
There is a usenetgroup and a mailinglist.

> Can anyone please help?  I've looked at the Mutt 'site
> and I can't find the information about popper server or
> popclient--do I need these things, too?

Best thing is to install the fetchmail port. Mutt can fetch your mail
but fetchmail does this job much better.

Now configuring mutt the right way is quitte a job. You really wont do
that in a day. Mine took me 2 month

What I recommend is that you copy the sample /etc/muttrc to ~/.muttrc
and start using mutt. Grab the manual and work your way through it.
Hard school but it is the best way to do it.

Good luck.

Cya, Han.

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