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Re: OT?: Turning a 486 into a OpenBSD dumb terminal (howto req)

At 01:24 PM 8/30/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Also, you'll want create a guest user who has a restricted shell (e.g.
>rksh(1), look for the bit about restricting the shell by invoking it as
>rksh) and with just the appropriate telnet command in the $PATH. You'd
>probably want to remove any additional consoles in /etc/ttys, as well.
	I'd forget having them logging in with any kind of shell prompt.  I've set
something similar up in the past using a script that was their default
shell, with the "#!" statement being "#! /bin/rksh" and then just launching
the telnet app to the catalog.  IF the user logs out, it returns to a
login, not a shell.  Log back in as guest/catalog/whatever and it telnets
back to the catalog box.

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