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Re: OT?: Turning a 486 into a OpenBSD dumb terminal (howto req)

Responding to myself like the cool guy I am.

On 30 Aug  Chris Palmer wrote:

> Sounds like a fun game! My first play would be to check out EmBSD
> (www.embsd.org) and either use it as is or tweak it a little
> (add/delete programs, et c.). Then boot the machines from the EmBSD
> floppy. If you are worried about snot-nose kids putting in a floppy of
> their own or otherwisea abusing the systems, just mount the floppy in
> backwards--then people would have to open the box up to change the
> floppy. Gives you a bit of physical security.

Also, you'll want create a guest user who has a restricted shell (e.g.
rksh(1), look for the bit about restricting the shell by invoking it as
rksh) and with just the appropriate telnet command in the $PATH. You'd
probably want to remove any additional consoles in /etc/ttys, as well.


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