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Re: OpenBSD remote install

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 03:01:50PM +0200, Philipp Buehler wrote:
> On 29/08/2001, Henning Brauer <lists-openbsd_(_at_)_bsws_(_dot_)_de> wrote To misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org:
> > It would be really cool if it was possible to define partition sizes in
> > percent. optimal: moxed mode, e. g.: 
> feel free to contribute.. 

send me a note once you have initial code. I'd be happy to add something
like this if possible.

> space on the disk is limited, and a full rewrite
> of the install script is necessary anyway
> > a 200m 4.2BSD /
> > b 1g   swap   swap
> > d 2g   4.2BSD /usr
> > e 20%  4.2BSD /var
> > f all  4.2BSD /home
> And now you go w/ a 4GB disk and have a problem w/ your logfiles. Hurgl.

Indeed, that's a problem. But whoever creates a disklabel.conf must use his
I'm thinking about my server installs here. it's always the same: 200m /, 1
or 2g swap, 200m /tmp, 3g /usr, ~30% of the remaining space /home and
everything else for /var/log. Would be great if this could be covered by a

> For "default" there is only 'a' and 'b' anyway.

of course.

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