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Re: DeSovietizing OBSD's core install.

On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 04:50:11AM +0200, Han wrote:
> > Why don't you instead just submit "deletions scripts" that people
> > can run after a base install? 
> Sounds like a decent solution. Like Wim said follow the makefiles and
> see what is made for each package. Do you, or anybody else, have any
> other useful suggestions for good willing amateurs like me?

For a solution with changed makefiles check out strippedOpenBSD,
This is intentionally meant as a specialized version for people as paranoid
as me installing servers, not a general purpose OS. And take care, the
installer doesn't ask stupid questions like "should I take the whole disk" -
who want's anything besides OpenBSD on the same server?

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