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Re: IP protocol passage

  IMHO that is a brilliant idea. It might be a case of AUP. What
would be useful is to have a page that indicates where esp is not 
blocked. That way one is not trying to tunnel packets that simply 
will not ever get a reply from. .. or never get there. OT but what 
types does esp support as it is not linked to ports per se?
> 	I tested the VPN by dialing up my ISP and then connecting the VPN over
> it.  My current suspicion is that my ISP is blocking isakmp packets. 
> Since my ISP was PacBell, who sold their ISP operations to Prodigy in
> the deep of the night, I would not be surprised if this were the case -
> Prodigy is a "content publisher", not an ISP.  In order to test this,
> could someone tell me the address of an isakmp server that they have
> successfully used over the internet?  I am only looking to get rejection
> packets, so no account is necessary.  I think that I already have enough
> evidence, but a confirmation would help.

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