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PGPnet & OpenBSD

I'm using OpenBSD & PGPnet, it works fine (partly) :)

[laptop]---inet---[corporate subnet]
                    |---[ (openbsd 2.9 gateway/fw)]
                           |---[ internal LAN]

I've setup PGPnet to use as "VPN Gateway",
I've added a 'unsecure' Subnet,
I've added a 'unsecure' Host,

I can connect via IPSec to,
I can also connect to the sambaserver ( via IPSec,
I can however not connect to, PGPnet tell's me
'incoming packet not secured'. 

I was under the impression that using PGPnet I would be able to
build a tunnel to and use that machine as the
exit point for both (wich it does) and
which it doesn't. 

What's wrong ?
Exit! Stage Left!

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