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RE: incrementive updates

Denis A. Doroshenko [mailto:d_(_dot_)_doroshenko_(_at_)_omnitel_(_dot_)_net] writes:
> what do people people use to do $Subject? i'd like to mirror cvs
> repository, but sup(1) and co. scared me greatly. something 
> simpler, yet usable... any one?
It's all in the faq. What could be simpler?

% crontab -e
# Get OpenBSD CVS archive
0 7 * * * cvsup -g -L 2 /etc/cvs-supfile | mail -s "CVSup Results" stephen

% cat /etc/cvs-supfile
# This file can be used to obtain the OpenBSD cvs repository via cvsup

*default release=cvs                    # Get the cvs files
*default delete use-rel-suffix
*default umask=002
*default host=cvsup.uk.OpenBSD.org      # Machine to connect to
*default base=/cvs                      # Location to put the repository
*default prefix=/cvs                    # Where to put the sup subdirectory

*default compress                       # Use this unless your network link
                                        # is a T1 or faster

# You can get everything using the ``OpenBSD-all'' collection.

# Alternatively, comment out the ``OpenBSD-all'' collection and just get one
# more of the partial collections by uncommenting them below.

# OpenBSD-src
# OpenBSD-www
# OpenBSD-ports
# OpenBSD-x11
# OpenBSD-xf4