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Re: Password

passwd(1) says "The new password should be at least six characters long and 
not purely alphabetic" The password "Petty44" meets that criteria. The 
default "login.conf" does not specify a value for the ``passwordcheck'' 

Is there a default passwordcheck?

On Friday 24 August 2001 10:08 am, you wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Monah Baki wrote:
> > I know that OpenBSD is suppose to be extremely secure, but I have this
> > user who wants his password to be Petty44, OpenBSD 2.9 replies "use a
> > more compilated password", what do I need to do to enter Petty44???
> By default, you have to re-enter weak passwords 3 times to have the system
> accept it. You can tweak this value using the passwordtries parameter (see
> login.conf(5)). One shortfall of this mechanism is that you can't set the
> number of tries to "0" because that means "never accept a weak password".
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John R. Shannon