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Re: Can't log in

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Rusty wrote:

> There are two programs in OpenBSD I abhor, vi an csh.  Vi I had to learn
> to use, csh over my dead body.  This is NOT a troll to start a religious
> war, just telling you of my preferences.

With your language above and in the next paragraph it sure sounds like a
> The very first thing I do after successfully installing OpenBSD is to
> install Bash from the packages directory on the CD.  I made the
> appropriate changes, using my least favorite text editor, vi to
> /etc/shells and chsh.  I made sure the path to my shell was
> /usr/local/bin/bash.  As root I then typed /usr/local/bin/bash and got
> the familiar bash prompt.

There are very fine shells other than csh that are included with OpenBSD.

> I'm waiting for a DSL installation and also teaching my 13 year old son
> OpenBSD so I shut down the machine till DSL was installed on my line so
> we could continue.
> Today I had him boot the machine and told him to log in.  Lo and behold,
> I get two messages and a login prompt.  First message said "you have
> mail".  Second message said "login: /usr/local/bin/bash no such file or
> directory."
> I have had this happen once before and I had to reinstall.  Perhaps
> someone can tell how to remedy this situation without my having to
> reinstall.

This isn't Windows, a reinstall sounds like overkill.  Boot from the 
install floppy or CD, drop to a shell, mount /, take a look at /etc/passwd
to see what happened.  In the future, don't change root's shell, there are
other ways to use your favorite shell.

You sure you should be teaching bad habits to your 13 year old?