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Re: powergraph c33 on XFree86

Nathan Langford wrote (in a message from Tuesday 21)
 > My svga card is not working for X.  xf86config says it is unsupported and
 > it will try a generic vga card which does not work.  Is it possible that
 > it will work on a
 > generic svga card? (does it exist?)  The card is a powergraph c33 with
 > 1M memory.  On xf86config I choose "Paradise/WD 90CXX" which I think is
 > the same thing.  startx reports screens found but not usable; I think
 > because its an svga card...  

What type of card is it ISA, VLB, PCI, AGP ?
Which version(s) of Xfree86 did you try ?
Did you try SuperProbe or scanpci if it's a PCI/AGP card ?

What is the X server output when you try configuring the pvga1 driver
for Paradice/WD 90cxx ?


PS: For the 10000th time on this list, how can you expect some useful
answer if you don't provide enough information ?

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