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Re: Tricky quota question

Quoth Lars Hansson:
> I need to implement some kind of quotas with mod_dav. Since mod_dav
> doesnt have any built-in quota support I figure I have to do it the
> filesystem way.  Somehow.  mod_dav needs the directories to be owned
> by the webserver user (www) so user quota support is out.  Is it
> possible to use something like a union or null filesystem for this? I
> basicly need one filesystem, with quota support, for each directory
> handled by mod_dav.  Or, I guess, it could be done with group quotas
> since mod_dav doesnt care about the group ownership (as far as i can
> tell).  Anyone tried something like this?  Right now I wish there was
> such a thing as "Directory Quotas" or something...

The mod_dav author has this to say on the problem:

  Not much can be done on this one.  Possibly some kind of user quota
  thing, but... eesh.  For now, I'm going to say, "if they're authorized
  to PUT to the DAV server, then they should be responsible for how much
  data they store."

You might attempt a poor-man's quota system by monitoring the 'du' total
of each virtual user's directory every hour or something, and sending an
email or some other form of alert when a high-water mark is reached.


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