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Where is the core dump ?

Hi all,

I have a machine here that crashes during the week-end. I would like to 
change it, but we have no available hardware for the moment.

The problem is that it doesn't want to reboot after crash, although I set 
ddb.panic=0 in /etc/sysctl.conf

I also have compiled a kernel without DDB, but it wont reboot.

Even a reboot -d doesn't dump anything.(maybe it's a ide controler or hard 
drive problem)

The machine is a Digital celebris gl 6200, which include a pentium pro and 
has a 6 GB ide Hard Drive. 

The system is OBSD 2.9, kernel recompiled with all errata

Nothing else than IPF, sshd and snort run on the system.

I know I should send some more info about the crash, but I'd like to check 
this out myself first.

In the crash(8) manpage, it is said that:

"(...), then the system dumps the contents of physical memory onto a mass 	
storage peripheral device.  The particular device used is determined by 
the `dumps on' directive in the config(8) file used to build the kernel."

I haven't found that "dumps on" directive, and would like to know its 
syntax. recompiling a kernel is not a problem, as long as you know how to 
configure the config file. 

Can anyone help ?

Thanks in advance

Marc Dubrowski
Network/System Administrator
rue Vautier 29 B-1000 Brussels
32 2 6274403

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