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Re: anyone really happy with KDE2?

Since I have never played with KDE on anything but OpenBSD, I can't
say how it compares to running on Debian, but I would imagine that it
ought to be the same on the two platforms.

The word "clunky", although amusing doesn't really tell anyone what is
going on here.  Can you be more specific in your thoughts, such that
the folks who did the port/package might have something better to
work with?

As regards kmail, I don't think you looked hard enough.  Googling about
I found http://devel-home.kde.org/~kmail/, which included a message
on 8/15 which indicates that Kmail 1.3 is included with KDE 2.2, so I
would expect to find Kmail in 2.1 as well.  That says to me that you
didn't install everything, or something went wrong.

Perhaps you should back KDE out of your system and try again.

--STeve Andre'

At 09:32 PM 8/18/01 -0700, Derek Sivers wrote:
I've used KDE very happily before on Linux (Debian), so I thought it was finally time to try it on my beloved OpenBSD (2.9) box at home.

It's... pretty clunky, as-is. It technically works, but nowhere near as nice as the Linux version.

Anyone happy with it?

Isn't it supposed to be just like the Linux version?
Or do Linux distributions tweak it up & improve it?
Or perhaps did I install it wrong or not-completed?

It seems this OpenBSD ports install of it does strange stuff about only 1 window/desktop at a time, only able to type in windows that your mouse is hovered-over at the moment, and other kind of "user-unfriendly" things.

Plus . . . where's Kmail? That's a great email app! I can't find it anywhere. Not even on the kde.org site. Anyone heard its whereabouts?

Sorry for this vague question. (But hey - this is "misc"!)

I'm just wondering if I should just let it go, and admit OpenBSD isn't a desktop O.S. Or if you guys know some KDE2 tweaks to make it much more usable, I'd love to hear it.


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