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Re: migrating from linux: missing commands: full syslogd, killall, man cache, setterm

On 16, Aug, 2001 at 08:05:44AM -0700, Franklin DeMatto wrote:
> 1) Full syslogd .  Is it possible to have syslogd mail
> certain messages, or send them to a named pipe, or
> send them to a particular tty?

See syslog.conf(5). It seems like you can't mail stuff.

> 2) killall - kills processes by regex , not pid

Doesn't exist, try /usr/ports/sysutils/zap

> 3) man cache - it doesn't look like openbsd caches man
> pages

OpenBSD doesn't compress manpages, so no need for patching.

> 4) setterm - useful

Don't know it.
> BTW, is there a command to add a user to a group (not
> to make a new group, or change the user's groups, just
> to add him to one)?

What's so hard about using vi?

In general: you should read the FAQ ... thoroughly.


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