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Re: NetBSD rc.d system -> OpenBSD. Any thoughts?

> For the most part, I agree with you.  Most of the advanced UNIX
> administrators that I know (myself included) do almost all administration
> from the command line.  However, I can see some value in GUI administration
> tools, if they're put together well.
Hmmm.. the thing is that they tend to be targeted for the lowest common 
denominator (whatever that is). Consequently they sort of tend to insult
the intelligence of the ppl using them IMHO. Leading to wasted cycles
better devoted to getting up to speed on what_is_really_going_on don't 
you think? Suppose what i am saying is that the only ones that are really 
useful are those that are custom made specifically for the env by such 
tools as gtk or perltk. That way if one insists on that being a requirement
then at least it extends well, perhaps even infinitely.. To perhaps 
articulate in a better way. Well by the time you have a gui set that
does the repetitive job you intended for it is time to automate. 
oh there is one gui that can be arguably considered universally 
useful. That is the browser IMHO anyhow. This due to the fact that it 
is pretty much universally flexible. Really enjoyed the shop talk:-))
Best Regards