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[jmalcolm@uraeus.com: qmail man-pages]

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Han writes:
>To make the qmail manpages availible on my system I added to this
># Other sections that represent complete man subdirectories.

>This line:
>qmail           /var/qmail/man/

>Looks quitte allright but it doesn't work. What did I forget?

I had to add it to _default as well.

jmalcolm_(_at_)_nyarlathotep [~] 2-81> fgrep qmail /etc/man.conf 
_default /usr/{share,X11R6,X386,X11,X11R4,contrib,gnu,local}/{man,man/old}/ /var/qmail/man/
qmail           /var/qmail/man/

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This worked very nice and easy.

Cya, Han.