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Paper tray selection on non-postscript printer

Hi guys,

I'm banging my head against the wall - I just don't get this to work.
Using OpenBSD 2.7-stable as printserver, default lpd, apsfilter. Ghostscript
6 for converting PostScript to PCL, using the pxlmono driver for the printer
in question, a HP Laserjet 6P. I just need a possibility to select the paper
trays. Per default it uses the "auto" mode - using the front side tray if
there is paper in it and the cassette otherwise. I need it to use the
cassette always and the front side tray for envelopes. Tried sending odd esc
sequences as documented at HP's website to the printer, tried various @PCL
SET SOURCETRAY commands as found in various mailing lists posts without any
Any printing guru out here able to help me?



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