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Re: ISP Requirements for OpenBSD

On 08 Aug  Paul Sack wrote:

> The important thing is that you don't ask them for help in setting it
> up and that you pretend you are using Windows when reporting a problem
> on their end :) (There are a few Unix-friendly ISPs that won't mind if
> you tell them the problem in Unix instead of Windows.)

The important thing is that they *do* explicitly support UNIX. Such ISPs
do exist, even now, in these troubled times. The ISP I used to work for
(www.bitstream.net--and I don't speak for them, then or now) does
support UNIX on the client side. The tech support people there are very
good, and if you ask too many UNIXy questions, you'd get passed to a
sysadmin (i.e. me or a peer of mine), and we'd have a friendly OpenBSD
chat. Can't beat that.

If I were searching for an ISP now, I'd expect no lesser degree of
service. You give up certain things, like the ability to dial up without
long distance fees from anywhere in the country (like AOL or Earthlink
can offer), but people who support your OS of choice are a precious
resource and worth it.

Even if you were running AmigaOS, NEXTSTEP 3.2, OMU or the QNX demo
floppy, any ISP whose tech support goes limp when hearing the phrase `I
have no Start button' deserves to lose customers. Windows is only
dominant because people allow it to be.


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