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Re: Installation paranoia

On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 03:35:40PM -0600, root wrote:
> > On 01 Aug  dmuz wrote:
> >
> > > that looks like your problem right there. where did you get those
> > > isos? from a reputable source? how do you know that they were not
> > > trojaned/messed-up?
> > >
> > > either purchase the official CD or do an FTP install.
> >
> > How do we know the FTP site we're downloading from hasn't been
> > trojaned/messed-up?

Which reminds me.  Are there any md5sums (or, better yet, signatures)
available for the official CD-ROMs, src.tar.gz, or srcsys.tar.gz?

I wish there were, but I have never seen them.  Maybe I missed them?

Even an MD5 file that has a gpg signature available would be good.  This
should also apply to the basic installation tarballs imho.

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