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Re: HTML compliancy [was: Where are wd0s1, wd0s2, wd0s3?]

Quoting Peter Valchev (pvalchev_(_at_)_home_(_dot_)_com) from  7 August 2001:
> > I am all too aware of this already, unfortunately. Correctness is not
> > a sometimes thing though, IMO, and it boggles my poor mind that a 
> > group so anal about their C can be so dismissive of correctness with
> > respect to writing HTML. Just because most major browsers get it right
> > most of the time is not an excuse to be writing sloppy, non-compliant
> > HTML. You will get a more consistent, more quickly parsed web page if
> > the web page actually follows the rules that it is supposed to.
> > 
> > sigh..
> Just do it.

I have. Look at the archives. I patched over 30 HTML files and they all 
rotted because no one would commit them.