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Where are wd0s1, wd0s2, wd0s3?


I have been using Linux on my machine for 2 years and now wanted to try
OpenBSD. So, I installed it on one partition and now I am trying to figure out
how to create device files that correspond to my linux partitions (so that I
can mount them and use data on them).

I have 4 primary partitions on my IDE disk (on a Pentium III). First is linux
swap, second and third are / and /home of linux. On fourth, I have installed
OpenBSD which divided 4th in multiple pieces. When I tried to mount these linux
partitions, I couldn't find those wd0s1, wd0s2 device files in /dev/ that I had
seen and used in FreeBSD. All that I see here is wd0a, wd0b etc (like NetBSD). 

fdisk shows me correct disk geometry and all.

On which device files should I mount my linux partitions. And if I have to
create them, what should be their major and minor numbers?