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Re: URGENT - Kernel Won't Load

> Sounds more like your boot blocks got munged.  Try
> booting from
> floppy or CD and at the prompt enter "boot
> hd0a:/bsd".

That doesn't quite work. I can get the install floppy
to boot, but I can't get hd0a:/bsd to boot, using the
kernel from the CD I have (I copied it over after
booting from the floppy). To make matters worse, it
looks like, in my panic, I copied right over the
kernel I'd compiled...though I suppose that shouldn't
matter, since it was generic and should match up with
what I downloaded via FTP.

> If that works then you just need to do:
>     cd /usr/mdec
>     ./installboot -v /boot biosboot BOOTDEV
> where BOOTDEV is your boot device (e.g. wd0, sd0,
> ...)

Should I just go ahead and try doing this anyway?
Would the kernel from the FTP site be the same as a
source-compiled generic kernel?

I really appreciate your promptness in getting back to
me. God bless Open Source mailing lists!

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