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RE: Do any networking problems in current explain this?

I still think it's DNS though.  which of (a) your default gw,
(b) your DN server can you reach?

Assuming that you can get to your gw but not your DN, there might
be issues with routing (ie the DN server doesn't know how to route
packets back to you).

just my 2c.


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Sent: 02 August 2001 15:30
To: misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org
Subject: RE: Do any networking problems in current explain this?

In response to my request for help with a current OpenBSD system 
Shriman Gurung <sg_(_at_)_dataconnection_(_dot_)_com> said:

> Sounds like your mygate is not right - disagrees with 
> what netstat tells us?  hence no DNS, hence problems?
> also, your hosts file seems munged - no spaces after IPs?

Yes the e-mail was a mess.  As I have no communication with the 
system all output was written down and retyped.  Netstat default 
was a typo.  route output and mygate did agree.  Netstat should 
have agreed with route.  After all mygate is the source for the 
default route.

I spent a lot of time formating the email to get proper allignment of 
the command output and listed files.  I did this in courier.  As most 
e-mails now dipslay in proprotional fonts, the result was a mess 
even in my own outgoing copies folder.  Hosts is not munged, just 
the e-mail.  Where I used tabs instead of spaces, some just 

If anyone has any other suggestions they would be appreciated 
real soon.  I am about to reinstall the system from the official 2.9 
CD and build current via CVS but this is a lot of work, losing 
everything already done among other things, with no assurance of 

Discussion of any known networking issues in current would be 
much appreciated.  Paticularly things that cause "route show" to 
be *very* slow or releated to dc* network cards in general or 
NetGear FA310TX cards in particular.

George Shaffer
GeodSoft, LLC