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Re: SparcStation 5 as Server

On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 10:25:39AM -0700, Chris Palmer wrote:
> With Apache, you need to give SSL sites their own IPs. 

This is not true. You can run more than one virtual server on one IP even
with SSL, but you can only use one certificate per IP[*]. This has nothing 
to do with apache, the whole SSL negotiation (including presenting the
certificate) simply takes place _before_ the first http header, including
the host: header field which is used for selecting the right name based
virtual host, is transferred.

*This is not only theory: think of wildcard certs. There may be senseful
installations sharing one IP for multiple vhosts if they are in one domain
and using a wildcard cert. I did never try that, though.

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