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openbsd web hosting scripts -- looking for someone to take over development

I'm looking for someone to take over development of some web hosting scripts I've got to a usable state, but haven't time to finish.

They're basically auto configure scripts for virtual web hosting accounts, with web, mail and primary DNS all done on the same box. Your standard co-located box setup, although it can not do any of these.

The basic idea is to keep all the config for each account (ie domain) in a single file, but be as flexible as possible. It allows complete custom configuration in an account, but a basic account is just a four line definition. So your web config, DNS setup and mail forwarding all goes in one easy to manage file.

Also does other stuff like log rotation and cron jobs sensibly.

It's not one shot configuration. You can edit these files, and it will make changes. So it's not a script for creating accounts, it's a system to allow you to easily create and modify accounts. Just type 'commit' and the changes are made.

It does need a bit more work on the installation side of things, and could perhaps do with a few more features, and needs to be packaged neatly. It's written in perl with a few shell scripts.

Would anyone like to take over development?