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linux VS openBSD

sigh - it never ends.

I own a ISP, USAExpress.net currently we're using debian 2.2r2. I'm getting tired of having to upgrade the kernel every 5 mins. to maintain security. I also hate the steps that are required to maintain a package in debian...dselect/apt is nice....but if the main list of installed packages gets hosed then dselect uninstalls everything. and when you have a problem with a package and try to contact the package maintainer you spend 3 hours chasing them down...I like the fact the Theo controls EVERY aspect of the OS / CVS commits etc.....

We're currently having this problem with our primary webserver. I'm writing this for two reasons.

one - our CTO remains firm on a custom distro of linux. and using linux products...........errrrr....GPL products. He's stuck on the fact the you shouldn't upgrade just because a new version comes out. With linux 5000 packages are updated at any one time.....once again with obsd its every 6 months (with occasional patches in between)

two - he also insists that linux is as secure as OpenBSD and that its all in the kernel.

Basically i need to know what makes oBSD a better OS and why er should use it instead of debian. (and please hold the "openbsd is better then linux because its openbsd" comments or the like to yourself) :-)


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