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Re: MySQL processes?

The non PTH version is the default (Im talking about building it by hand
default, not the ports default... I never use the ports for mysql). I have
found a lot of problems using Mysql on OpenBSD 2.8, however these problems
don't seem to appear on 2.7 and 2.9. I would suggest using one of those two.

Running either one of those seemed to fix the "locking" problem (failing to
respond to anything for long periods of time)... as for the CPU usage, I
would be a bit leery about comparing the cpu usage reported by linux to that
reported by OpenBSD. It is possible that they are recorded in different ways
thus giving you a bad base for comparison.

This is the command line that I have had luck with when compiling Mysql:

CXXFLAGS="-O6 -felide-constructors -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions"
CFLAGS="-O6 -felide-constructors -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions"
./configure --enable-static --localstatedir="/var/mysql" --with-libwrap --wi
th-mysqld-user="mysql" --with-unix-socket-path="/var/mysql/mysql.sock" --wit
hout-perl --without-debug --without-readline --without-bench --without-mit-t
hreads --with-innodb

If you do not wish to compile innobase support into mysql remove
the --with-innodb. On a side note, switching a few of my heavily updated
tables to innobase increased my performance by a substantial margin. It is
beta code, but I have found it to be very stable and have had less problems
with it than with MyISAM tables (esp. in regards to mysql becoming

Hope that helps alleviate your problems.


> >I did experience problems with the Pth-version in the ports but
> >after I switched to the non-Pth port everythings been a smooth ride
> Is there a non-PTH version?
> I thought the OpenBSD port of MySQL *required* PTH?
> Brad?  Any advice?
> My MySQL server seems to be really freaking out on this OpenBSD production
> box.    (live website for www.cdbaby.com = 200,000 hits a day or so.  All
> MySQL-generated.)
> It's the exact same hardware and same PHP/MySQL code as a Debian Linux box
> I had it on with no problem or load, but now that I've switched to OpenBSD
> it's taking 40% CPU and sometimes the MySQL server even stops entirely!
> bash $ top
> 16200 mysql     53    0   13M 8392K run   -        4:44 21.78% mysqld
>   4464 www       18    0 2124K 3928K sleep lockf    0:00  0.44% httpd
> 25159 www        2    0 1660K 3444K sleep netio    0:00  0.20% httpd
> 11181 www       18    0 2120K 3924K sleep lockf    0:00  0.10% httpd