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Re: PAM for OpenBSD

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 05:08:30PM -0700, Tor Roberts wrote:
> Misha,
> I could be wrong, but I believe that Micro$oft makes a product that is
> part of UNIX services for NT that will synchronize NT users with NIS. You
> may want to look at that, although it probably sucks.
> Another thing to look at is Samba. If it is possible in your situation,
> move all of your NT accounts to OpenBSD, and then run Samba for the NT
> networking. Hope this helps.
I'll try to find it, however I do not use NIS as I never needed it, and
thought it was an overkill for me...  As for the Samba, well, this would
a very drastical change for our network.

Here is the background.  We are already using Linux as our
proxy/mail-relay/and-some-other-things server.  A friend of mine
persuaded me to try to put an OpenBSD on that computer as I need some
new functionality and according to him it's better than in Linux (namely
ipsec stuff).  So what I am trying to do is just to understand how to
move all services from my Linux box.  The easiest way would be just to
copy the configuration and then try to improve it as otherwise it may
take too long.  And we do use pam_smb for some services.  That's where
my question arose. :))


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