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Re: [OT?] RTC/Date problem

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 08:18:11PM -0400, Kit Halsted wrote:
> At 10:25 AM +0200 7/25/01, Thomas Ribbrock wrote:
> >- If this BIOS indeed isn't Y2k compliant, will OpenBSD be able to work
> >   around that?
> It's working around it now, right? My first OpenBSD box may or may 
> not have had a Y2K compliant BIOS, & it definitely had a dead battery 
> for a while. I saw the same errors you're seeing, but running date 
> (as root) was enough to keep it working.

<g> Seems to be working, yes - problem is, that box isn't running 24/7 and
hence gets rebooted frequently - having to log in each time and correct the
date is a bit of a nuissance... :-) But I'll take it apart again and check
the battery - and somebody else mentioned rdate, which I completely forgot
about... :-}

Thanks to all who responded!

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