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SSHD upgrade from 2.7 to 2.9 and ssh2 stops working

  I'm fairly new with OpenBSD, so if this is in the documentation
someplace, just give me a pointer. :)

  I've been trying to create a firewall and started with an old copy
of 2.7 I had.  sshd was configured and working fine there, I could
log in using ssh2 from other systems.  Because I needed some updated
drivers I upgraded the machine to 2.9 yesterday.  Now when it boots,
I get an error as sshd is started: Protocol Version 2 Disabled, unable
to load host key.  I can still access the machine using ssh1, and I
can see the /etc/ssh_host_key file, but I'm betting something didn't
get regenerated during the install.

  Any hints how to fix this?