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printing problem


I recently setup a openbsd-2.9 with samba-2.2.0a which act as file and
printer server for the LAN.  I enclose a very interesting problem which is
when I send printing jobs from the client, the error message /bsd printer
error appeared at the server console. However, the job can be finished.
While I try to print at the server, there is no response.  I have try it
out with different printers as following:-

1. HP5L  work ok
2. EPSON 5800L  didn't work for me.

I would like to know how to solve this problem.. By the way, any printer
filters suggestion for me.  Thanks.


P.S.  I had tried lpr file /dev/lpt0 without any success on EPSON 5800L
printer.  However I have to support EPSON printer.  any clue ?