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Re: antivirus to integrate with sendmail

Lars Hecking wrote:
> >   My mail server is a sparc 5 machine running OpenBSD 2.8 (soon 2.9).
> > I have a few users that insist on using outlook and outlook exress :(
> > Only because of the them, I have to find some sort of antivirus to put
> > on my mail server to integrate with sendmail. I scanned the archives
> > and saw that some people have setup antivirus filtering integrated to
> > the system. Unfortunately they either ran Intel Hardware or didn't
> > elaborate on their setup. Can anyone with a similar setup to mine give
> > me pointers to what my options are?
>  There is probably no antivirus product for OpenBSD/SPARC. But you may
>  check the web sites of av product vendors listed at http://amavis.org/.

Correct me if I am wrong, OpenBSD SPARC can run SunOS binaries in emul
mode. If this is possible, maybe he can give NAI's mcafee AV for SPARC
a shot and see if it works..

>  As a workaround for your specific machine, you could replace sendmail
>  with postfix and use the header/body_checks feature to block certain
>  types of attachments. Both this won't help with macro viruses if you
>  decide to allow .doc attachments (which is quite likely :)

Another viable alternative, exim's system.filter which automatically
blocks "vb[se]|ws[fh]|jse?|exe|com|cmd|shs|hta|bat|scr|pif" without
the need of an AV. Free/Fast and effective;-)

>  Besides, a Sparc 5 doesn't really have the horsepower for that job.
>  I'm using an Ultra 60/360 for mail, and I'd rather have a faster box.

That's depends on how many users you have. We run a E450 (Solaris
ofcourse)+1 GB of RAM running IMAP/SMTP/POP servers which scales upto
around 8,000 users connected at the same time.

>  I'd suggest something like a 1Gig+ Intel or AMD based box with plenty
>  of RAM (512+), FreeBSD or Linux (because there _are_ AV products for
>  these platforms). On the software side, postfix+avpcheck+Kaspersky AVP
>  is a pretty efficient setup, both wrt performance and cost.

Umm...Not only FreeBSD or Linux. Almost all AV's out there run great
under emul, and infact RAV and HB-Dev already have an OpenBSD port of
their AV.

Also see: http://www.openantivirus.org/av-unix_e.txt


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