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RE: ADSL + Transparent Firewall

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Martin Marconcini wrote:

> I've
> > seen satellite microwave and point to point microwave but I'm stuffed
> > if I know why anybody would do ADSL over microwave.
> I not a communication expert, but I swear my adsl subscriber goes all
> through a BNC black cable to the top of this building (25 floors) and up
> there on the roof there's an antenna (I've seen it) pointing to other
> antennas about 2 miles from here...
> Ps: I believe that these are not microwaves... and I may have made a
> typo. They are wireless. But they are DSL for god's sake :) 

Yes, they are wireless, and, no, they are not DSL.


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