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Re: NICs

On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 08:29:36AM -0700, Brett Mueller wrote:
> Albert Martinez wrote:
> > Thanks ppl for the advice.  Intel nics seem to be the most popular, so, funds
> > permitting, that's what I'll get.
> folks were complaining bitterly about Intel's lack of cooperation and support
> for supplying hardware data so that solid, reliable drivers could be written
DEC chip based or compatible nics are the most popular ones using dc or de drivers,
although DEC network chip division was bought out by Intel, which changed Intel's 
own chip quality a lot.  Just to clear the confusion, only recent 8255x based Intel
chips (designed after acquiring DEC network, so go figure) are worth buying. Some 
early Intel network chips were pretty funny. Regarding attitude, I dont think Wintel 
gang would turn around the table easily uless defeated.

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