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Gettin POP mail

Okay, I give up.
I've searched the mail lists . . .
I've read people saying that both pine and mutt support fetching pop mail.

Pine: can't find any mention in pine's docs or man page of POP?
Well, actually, not quite true . . . one doc mentioned that you just set the pop host . . . but there is not a pop host variable in the configuration section????

Mutt: mutt doc says to use pop_host option in the file .muttrc, which simply says "unknown variable".

The problem is that I'm new to unix and just don't understand enough to figure out what is going on.

Hell, it took me about two days to get sendmail to do what I wanted!

Anyway, I've spent several days bashing my brains out over this and just simply don't get it.

Would some kind soul take mercy upon an ignorant supplicant?
<-->Later . . . 'liam

William C Allen, BLS, EET

"It may be that your sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others"
At least I /have/ a purpose!

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